STAN & iLLEOo new song "For Two": The impressive music video has been released.

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STAN & iLLEOo - "For Two": The impressive music video has been released.

An impressive music video was also just released on YouTube.

The music video for " For Two ", directed by Jim Georgantis, is as "explosive" as the song and fascinating. 

The duo " For Two " was immediately loved by the team at GCT.

Equally, it has raced into the digital charts, such as the top50 of Spotify and has been getting excellent radio airplay. 

At the same time, the backstage video from the recording and the teaser of the music video entered the first trends of YouTube. 

STAN iLLEOo harmoniously marries urban - pop, trap and folk elements and compose the recipe for creating the hot club banger.

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