Turkish media: "Nuclear threat from Athens to Turkey! Lesson from Tsipras to the Greek government"

Turkish media Greek-French deal Tsipras Mitsotakis

Turkish media, controlled by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, has gone on another wild tangent, this time claiming that Greece is a nuclear threat against Turkey.

The Hürriyet newspaper interpreted the Greek Prime Minister's statement yesterday in parliament as a "threat" when he said: "France is the guarantor of Greece. The only nuclear power of the EU will be on our side if we are attacked."

Of course, this is not a threat, but a statement of deterrence as Greece has made its position of not wanting war clear, unlike a Turkey that is directly and indirectly involved in the occupations of Northern Cyprus, Northern Syria, Northern Iraq, Artsakh and Libya.

Yesterday, 191 Member's of Parliament out of the 300 seats approved of the Greek-French Defence pact of mutual assistance when either country is attacked.

The ruling party New Democracy, right-wing Hellenic Solution and left-wing KINAL voted in favour of the bill.

Opposing the bill were the three left-wing parties of SYRIZA, the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) and MeRA25.

Because of SYRIZA's strong opposition to the bill, Hürriyet deified opposition leader Alexis Tsipras by calling his lambasting of the deal as a "lesson from Tsipras to the government."

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