SYRIZA: We'll use all means to stop Greek soldiers from fighting jihadist in the Sahel with the French

Greek army soldiers special forces SYRIZA

"We will use every means provided by the agreement itself to change it and prevent any possibility of Greek soldiers being involved in clashes with extremist Islamist organisations in the Sahel," SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance spokesperson Nassos Iliopoulos said on Friday in an interview with OPEN TV.

He noted that "this war is not ours" and that "the Sahel is a wider geographical area in Africa, where French forces are clashing with extremist Islamist organisations."

The Sahel struggles with terror, poverty and climate change | | AW

The official opposition spokesperson said that "the main problem, which is that the government does not have an active foreign policy, remains."

"While ever intensifying Turkish provocativeness has been going on for a long time, the government has not proceeded to make any substantive demand for sanctions against Turkey," he added.

With a wider majority of 191 Members of Parliament, the Plenary Session of the Parliament ratified the Greek-French defence agreement.

MP’s of the ruling New Democracy, along with the Movement for Change (KINAL) and Hellenic Solution voted in favor of the Greek-French defense agreement.

109 from opposition party SYRIZA voted against it.

Joining SYRIZA was also the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) and MeRA25.

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