Vitriol Attack: The Daily Life of the Accused in Prison - "She watches TV and reads newspapers"


The countdown to an apology has begun.

Next Thursday, October 14, the perpetrator of the horrific vitriol attack on Ioanna Paliospirou in May last year will be called upon to break her silence and provide answers.

Until then, the 36-year-old attacker Efi remains in the Korydallos maximum-security women's prison.

Speaking to MEGA, Director of the Women's Prisons, Triantafylli Konstantopoulou described the daily life of the accused, saying that she has been keeping a low profile in order to not provoke anyone with her presence.

In fact, the Prison Director noted that the accused has been in a quarantine room for five days since returning from the courts, in accordance with coronavirus regulations.

"She usually spends time in the courtyard with inmates,” said Ms Konstantopoulou. "She has not created any problems, she keeps a low profile.”

β€œShe receives visits from her relatives and her lawyers,” she added.

"She studies the case file and of course she has the right to watch TV and read newspapers," concluded Ms Konstantopoulou.

Ms Konstantopoulou went on to say that the accused has not made any complaints to her about, nor has she ever mentioned whether she was receiving threats from the other detainees.

vitriol Ioanna Paliospirou The trial against Efi began last month after Ioanna Paliospirou suffered severe burn injuries, mainly on her face, when the attacker lurked her and threw a bottle of caustic vitriol at her in Kallithea, a suburb of southern Athens

According to local media reports, both women were from the same village but did not have contact for many years.

The attacker seemed obsessed with the victim and had even placed a tracking device on her car.

So far, Ioanna has undergone nine surgeries, and suffers from indescribable physical and psychological pain.

Ioanna bravely made her first public appearance since the vicious attack in May 2020 to appear in court at the trial against her attacker, receiving a public outpouring of support.

The 37-year-old victim was wearing a special protection mask on her face, as well as gloves and a hat.

vitriol Ioanna Paliospirou

Ioanna Paliospirou: Vitriol attack victim makes first public appearance