OTD- Pavlos Nikolaidis (1877 - October 10, 1910) Macedonia fighter

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From Kratero, Florina, he was a Macedonian Fighter and a Leader during the Macedonian Struggle (1904-08).

Using the pseudonym Kapetan Rakovitis, he first fought in the force of Efthymios Kaoudis, the leader and founder of the very first Cretan resistance group to join the Macedonian Struggle.

His home village and that of many others, were constantly raided and attacked by the Bulgarians, who killed many Greeks and threatened to kill many more, if they didn’t change their allegiances in favour of Bulgaria.

His home village was even pillaged and burned to the ground by the Bulgarians, the subsequent fire taking the life of his father in 1907.

He later became the Captain of his own unit of fighters, which operated through the Florina region.

He was assassinated on this day at the behest of the Turks in 1910.