EMERGENCY: Fire stricken island of Evia now hit with disastrous floods affecting hundreds of houses (VIDEO)


After the devastating fires of summer, the island of Evia has now been hit with disastrous floods due to heavy rain last night affecting mostly the villages in the northern region.

Heavy rains in the areas of Agia Anna, Achladi and Kotsikia, as well as in other villages of Northern Evia, left behind significant damage as torrents flooded, causing extensive damage to the coastal front while roads were inaccessible leading to the interruption of traffic.

The picture with the first light of day was dramatic. Hundreds of houses were flooded and in fact, firefighting aid was transported to the area from Central Greece to help pump water.

The coastal area of Achladia suffered greatly as well as in Agia Anna while the residents of Kotsikia saw the household items and equipment from their shops and houses on the beach.

"Everything was flooded. In Achladi, Kotsikia, Psaropouli and Agia Anna there are many flooded houses "notes Deputy Regional Governor George Kelaiditis told Greek media adding that" on the roads in the provincial network, from Ellinika to Agia Anna, there is a risk of floods so traffic has been stopped. The two municipalities have suffered great damage and we are starting  the first phase of clearing up the road network."