EODY Chief Zaoutis: Vaccinations are the solution to end the pandemic

Theoklis Zaoutis EODY

"The solution to end the pandemic is in our hands, as the vaccination of the world population, to the maximum possible extend, is the way that will lead quickly and safely to its end," the newly appointed president of the National Public Health Organisation (EODY), Theoklis Zaoutis, said in an interview with AMNA

However, he said that even today it remains "extremely difficult to predict the evolution of the pandemic."

"The first major challenge we have to face," Zaoutis said, "is the essential information of the citizens about the benefits of vaccination."

"The example of vaccinations, where international experience shows that proper information is an ally for the positive response of citizens, is indeed a good example of the responsibility and obligation of EODY to inform citizens in a targeted and informed manner on these issues," he added.

"Reducing hospital infections and resistance to antibiotics, promoting the vaccination culture, digitizing EODY services and emphasiz\sing prevention will be key pillars of our policy," he said adding that a "road map" of this policy will be presented over the next few days.

The president of EODY also referred to the planning for ICU beds in pediatric hospitals due to the pandemic.

As he explained, the situation "requires us to be ready for any case, regardless of the objectively good image we currently have regarding the operation of the schools, which I am optimistic that it will continue."

On the management of the pandemic, he underlined that "we were called to make difficult decisions, maybe some things would have a better result if done differently, but I think the final balance is positive."

"We now have extensive experience and knowledge in managing such crises," he added.

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