Pfizer: Digital innovation centre in Thessaloniki to be inaugurated on Tuesday


The inauguration of the Pfizer digital innovation center in Thessaloniki will take place on Tuesday in the presence of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

According to government spokesperson Yiannis Economou, “the prime minister will inaugurate the offices of the Pfizer digital innovation centre in Thessaloniki tomorrow.”

“It is one of the six digital innovation centers of the company in the world.

“The chronicle of an investment started in September 2019 and to date, we are already employing more than 300 high-level scientists in Thessaloniki.

“It also concerns Greek scientists who had gone abroad and are now returning home. ”

He continued: “Indicative of the importance of this investment for the country and especially for Thessaloniki and Macedonia is that according to IOBE, in its full development, it will increase the GDP of the city by more than 650 million euros.

“It will offer in Thessaloniki and Northern Greece over 1,100 jobs.”

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