Veteran Greek Archeologist Evi Touloupa dies aged 97

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The veteran Greek archeologist  Evi Touloupa, who served her field for decades, died aged 97 on Monday.

In a message of condolences, Culture and Sports Minister Lena Mendoni said that Touloupa had served as head of the Antiquities Ephorates of the Ionian Islands, Epirus and Evia, but was best known as an Ephor of the Acropolis, "protecting and highlighting our cultural treasure, and supporting new, innovative and pioneering ideas, actions and projects for the times."

She was also devoted to training younger colleagues, empowering them and entrusting them with projects.

Mendoni said she was honored to have collaborated with her in archaeological projects on Kea island, especially the town of Karthea.

"Evi Touloupa was an outstanding person, truly progressive, deeply noble, with a special sense of humor and a unique refined taste. Devoted, consistent and tireless, she was always there for her science and her friends," the minister said.