Pfizer vaccine pill on its way says Greek CEO Albert Bourla

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Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla revealed that results of the trials for Pfizer's pill against SARS-CoV-2 are expected before the end of 2021.

Bourla made the announcement on Tuesday during at an online press conference during his visit to Thessaloniki for the inauguration of two hubs set up by the US pharmaceutical company in Thessaloniki.

Pfizer's CEO underlined that even though the results of the trials have not yet been received, the company is taking the risk to proceed with one billion euros of investments, so that if it is ready, in the case that they are positive, to begin production of the new medicine in already existing units throughout the world, while he clarified that there is no plan for production in Greece.

Bourla said that based on laboratory tests and tests on lab animals, the new pill has a significant anti-viral action. In tests on humans, it was found that the pharmacodynamic of the medicine was good and gathered in sufficient concentrations in target tissues, while the medicine has an excellent safety profile, which means that, if necessary, the dose can be increased in patients. Additionally, Bourla explained that the company's scientific groups are working on two different kind of products, the pill and an injected medicine.

Asked why the medicine against the coronavirus delayed in comparison with the vaccine, Bourla said:

"I always believe we are late, I do not believe we are on time when the target is to save human lives," adding that he is satisfied because the medicine is based on two new molecular entities which were discovered astronomically quickly but as quickly as the vaccine. He also clarified that, initially, weight was given to the vaccine because prevention has the greatest effect on the general population.