October 14th, 1912 - Greek Army liberates Grevena from Ottoman forces

October 14th, 1912 - The Liberation of Grevena

During the First Balkan War, the town of Grevena in Western Macedonia was finally liberated by the Greek Army after nearly five centuries of Turkish Occupation on October 14, 1912.

The Balkan League, comprising of Greece, Serbia, Bulgaria and Montenegro, declared the First Balkan War against the Ottoman Empire on October 8, 1912, beginning their successful campaign to drive the Ottoman Turks out of the majority of Europe.

The First Balkan War would be a major triumph for Greece, as after several failed attempts, it succeeded in finally liberating Macedonia (including Grevena), Epirus and various Aegean Islands from the Turks.

This was achieved 80 years after the establishment of the small Kingdom of Greece, which was formed without the inclusion of many historical Greek lands and without millions of Greeks, who remained under Ottoman occupation.

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