Ioanna outside of court: "I was waiting for answers that I did not receive"

Ioanna Paliospirou

The trial for the vitriol attack on Ioanna Paliospirou was suspended for October 21.

The brave victim made statements outside the court.

"Today I was waiting to hear some answers. Unfortunately, even today I did not get any answers," she said.

"What the accused claimed was refuted by the evidence in the case file.

"Even when the judge showed her my photos with the surgeries and everything I have taken, she remained apathetic and restless."

When asked by a journalist where she accepts the apology made by her attacker, one of Ioanna's lawyers, Nikos Alexandris, stated: "In order for the apology to be accepted, it must be sincere."

"There are shameful words that were said, but the mouth that said this was not ashamed," he added.

For his part, the other lawyer of the victim, Apostolos Lytras, stated: "We all waited to hear the explanation of the phrase 'you know why this happened Ioanna."

The accused said that her alleged relationship with a 40-year-old, with whom the victim had not met, was in danger.

"There is no doubt that he wanted to kill Ioanna," he added.

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