METEORA: Gordon Ramsay sits down for lunch with Greek nuns (VIDEO)


International chef Gordon Ramsay and company continued their culinary adventures of Greece in the second episode of Gordon, Gino and Fred's Road Trip - Clash of the Titans with a trip to Meteora where they met Greek nuns who introduced them to the majestic landscape of the region over a healthy, local monastic lunch.

During their ascend to the monastery at Rosannou, Ramsay warns Italian chef Gina D'Campo to behave when they meet the nuns and to button up his shirt. A flustered D'Campo agrees before asking:

"What do you call a nun on a bike?"

Ramsay and Fred shake their heads in dismay as D'Campo gives the answer:
"Virgin Mobile."

When they finally reach the monastery, they are greeted by three nuns and escorted to a table overlooking the valley below with a majestic view, leaving Ramsay and company speechless.


"This is beautiful!" says Ramsay.

Gordon Ramsay, Gino D’Acampo and Fred Sirieix stand politely opposite the sisters, who are waiting for their guests to sit when Ramsay interjects:

"Would you mind sitting first, my mum would kill me" requests a polite Ramsay.

During lunch they are introduced to a dark honey that  intrigued and fascinated Ramsay.

"This honey looks amazing," Ramsay enthuses as the nun explains its origin and process.

Ramsay requests  a visit to the beehives of the monastery to see the process and taste some of the honey at its source.

The nuns bravely display the bee hives much to D'Campo's distress as he appears to be the target of attacking bees!

The new Greek edition of the series Gordon, Gino and Fred was forced to stop production following an outbreak of Covid in Egypt while filming, according to Fred Sirieix.

Speaking to Lorraine Kelly on ITV1 ahead of the return of the popular foodie travel series, he said: “We were in Egypt and had a bit of a Covid scare and it was a bit of a difficult situation so we had to come back.

“It was a bit of an emergency flight we had to take, sadly.”