Annoyance in Turkish media and threats against the Greek-American defence agreement

Turkish media US Greek American defence deal

The climate prevailing in Turkey for the renewal signing of the US-Greek defense cooperation is reflected in today’s publications in Turkish print and electronic media in the country.

“Greece and US sign defense agreement: We are ready for war” is the headline of a news published by Yeni Şafak newspaper.

Takvim writes: “The United States chose a side and signed an agreement with Greece. Turkey’s enemies in the same frame.” Takvim claims that Athens, under threat from Turkey, has achieved its dream of signing a defense agreement with Washington.

“After France, Greece also signed a defence agreement with the United States. The article that makes an impression,” said Yeniçağ, asking the question if Greece is preparing to expand its territorial waters to 12 nautical miles.

Sözcü noted the reference of the Greek Minister of Defense Nikos Dendias to the threat of “casus belli (cause of war) [from Turkey] if he exercises his sovereign rights”.

The Turkish newspaper pointed out: “The US did not put Greece and Turkey in the same basket this time, compared to the past.” sees a “threat of war” from Greece. “Arrogant threat from Greece after the agreement with the US: We are ready for war in the Aegean.”

“The United States and Greece have signed an agreement. Greece’s willingness to enter an F-35 program from which Turkey exited satisfied Washington,” writes, presenting details of the agreement signed by the two sides in the American capital.

Turkish media US Greek American defence deal

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