Visiting one of Greece’s most popular Autumn and Winter resorts Orizontes Tzoumerkon

Winter resorts Orizontes Tzoumerkon

Set within mountain ranges and a lush forest of cedar and fir trees you will find the year-round Orizontes Tzoumerkon.

Orizontes Tzoumerkon
Orizontes Tzoumerkon

At an altitude of 1000 metres on the mountainous Tzoumerka region of Epirus, 1.5km outside the village of Pramanta is where you will find Greece’s popular resort that hosts locals and international visitors.

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Strogoula Mountain Peak

Through a forest of Firs and Oaks at the foot of the mountain peak "Strogoula" where the landscape fascinates the most discerning guest, who is blown away with the unique experience.

Hotel Orizontes 3

The hotel consists of 12 spacious rooms, specially designed to offer a relaxed and tranquil ambience.


The rustic-style rooms offer breathtaking views of the natural surrounding. Fitted with wooden floors, stone walls and high wood-beamed ceilings, there are all the modern amenities, including WiFi, air conditioning, and a cast iron wood stove.

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The restaurant Orizontes Tzoumerkon offers traditional Epirus and Tzoumerka dishes, with the in-house eatery receiving many gastronomy awards. Every day you can taste traditional pies and freshly cooked stews, homemade bread, feta cheese, and local meat and other delicacies.


You can also enjoy coffee, desserts or drinks and relax in the warmly decorated lounge while enjoying the spectacular mountain scenery.

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Syrrako and Kalarites

The traditional villages of Syrrako and Kalarites are both within 21 km. Near the property, there are numerous trails that can be explored. It is 65 km from the city of Ioannina.