MIKE TYSON: The Greek Warrior Achilles is the Greatest Fighter Ever; the one I would want to fight (VIDEO)

Achilles Tyson

International boxing legend Mike Tyson was asked during an interview, if there was anyone in history that he could fight, who would that be.

Wasting no time, Tyson immediately responded: "Achilles"

The interviewer was taken aback by the surprising answer, "I thought it was gonna be a boxer!"

"We thought it might be possibly George Foreman, Ali, .."

"Why Achilles?" Tyson was asked.

"He was the greatest warrior ever" responds Tyson in a matter of fact tone.

If you're gonna fight, then "that's the guy you wanna fight."

That's the true test interjects the interviewer.

Tyson explained that Achilles embodied all the qualities of the ultimate fighter, adding that fighting is not just physical, it's spirit.

"With fighting, it all comes down to spirit." says Tyson.

Tyson's fascination for the ancient world was evident during the interview which later covered the gladiatorial tradition.

Interestingly, Tyson adds that he hoped to visit Greece and visit the tomb of Achilles, an endeavour which might prove difficult as it has never been discovered.

Some archaeologists speculate that it might be in the area of Achilleion, an ancient Greek city in the south-west of the Troad region of Anatolia.



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