Nikolaos Kasomoulis: Hero of the Greek War of Independence

Nikolaos Kasomoulis

From Pisoderi near Florina in Macedonia, Nikolaos Kasomoulis (1795 - 1872) was a fighter during the Greek War of Independence and a notable historian of that time.

His father Konstantinos a merchant, had moved some of his operations to Serres in order to expand his business. Nikolaos soon moved there to take charge of these operations; it was while in Serres that he was initiated into Filiki Etaireia in 1820.

By the time of the outbreak of the Greek Revolution a year later, Nikolaos Kasomoulis dropped everything and participated in operations against the Ottomans throughout Macedonia.

His father was one of the 5,000 victims of the Naousa massacre, committed by the Turks in 1822.

Following this event, Kasomoulis headed south to Thessaly to join up with forces there, before taking part in the Third Siege of Messolonghi in 1826.

Kasomoulis held numerous military positions post-Revolution under both Kapodistrias and Otto, but is better remembered for his memoirs about the Greek War of Independence - originally written in 1832 and completed in 1842.

Nikolaos Kasomoulis

In 1861, Kasomoulis added a history of the Armatoloi, marking the first attempt at a comprehensive historical resource covering the Greek War of Independence.

His memoirs rank among the most important works for the study of the Greek Revolution.

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