Greek Aussie Nick Kyrgios Goes Green

Nick Kyrgios Tesla

Nick Kyrgios has gone green, sharing photos of his new Tesla on social media.

The professional Greek Australian tennis player is photographed looking very happy with his brand new bright green Tesla model X which is complete with butterfly wings.

"Bet the Tesla can't go faster than your second serve," quips one fan in the comments section of Kyrgios's post on Instagram.

The Tesla Model X line-up has varied over the years, but currently starts at $157,418 for the Model X Long Range and tops out at $176,918 for the Model X Performance.

Nick Kyrgios Tesla

Kyrgios is the latest in a long line of famous celebrities who drive Teslas.

Cameron Diaz, Leonardo Di Caprio, Will Smith, Zooey Deschanel, Shakira, Joe Rogan, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Morgan Freeman and George Clooney are among a cast of many who have owned Tesla electric vehicles.

Indeed, the market for fully electric vehicles is growing. The reasons are many, including new regulations on safety and vehicle emissions, technological advances, and shifting customer expectations.

“Electric vehicles are not only important due to reduction of CO2 in the atmosphere, but also due to reduction of poisonous gases around us,” Tesla asserts on its website.

“Pollutants cause about 4.2 million deaths every year globally. According to researchers, such pollutants cause more premature deaths than smoking or infectious disease. EVs not only reduce the total carbon footprint, but also help to reduce city pollution.”

Although Tesla did not invent the electric car or even the luxury electric car they were successful in inventing a business model for bringing compelling electric cars to the market.

Led by billionaire CEO Elon Musk, Tesla has taken the world by storm since it was founded in 2003, recently growing to become the most valuable car company in the world in 2020.

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