Gioras, the oldest working Bakery on Mykonos island


Gioras Bakery dates back to the 18th century and is the oldest working bakery on Mykonos island and the oldest wood-fired bakery in the Cyclades. What is even more special is that it has belonged to the same family, the Vamvakourides, for more than two centuries.

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Set in the gorgeous Myconian lane of Ignatiou Basiliou, when you first lay eyes on this little gem, you would assume it leads you to a traditional island home, however, as you approach the premises the wonderful aromas give away the fact that this is a bakery, and one that needs to be visited when you are on this popular Cycladic isle!

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The freshly baked goods, which include bread, biscuits, pies, and pastries are perfect for breakfast, brunch or as a snack for any time of the day!


The interior of Gioras bakery is rustic and old school with white Cycladic walls and exposed wooden beams, and as you pass through the entrance, which was renovated in 2015, to include a small café style option, you will walk straight through to the most important part of the bakery, where all the kneading and preparation is done.

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*George Vamvakouris

The wood fire oven is still in its original state and every day here you will find the bakers preparing their fresh artisan bread, rusks, biscuits and other goodies that are loved by locals and international visitors.

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Cloe Papaioannou and her husband George Vamvakouris, who has inherited his bread-making skills from his grandfather, are dedicated to keeping their family bread-making tradition alive and this historical shop open.

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If you are planning on heading to Mykonos anytime soon, make sure you make your way to Gioras and enjoy a Freddo Cappuccino or a traditional Greek coffee, and be sure to taste as many of their delicious homemade biscuits and famous baklava while you are at it!

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