Michelin star chef slams Salt Bae as ‘Mickey Mouse’ in a scathing review

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Salt Bae’s London restaurant Nusr-Et steakhouse hasn’t gone down entirely well with diners.

Now, a Michelin star chef is the latest to make an insult at the restaurant in scathing comments made on The Staff Canteen podcast.

Daniel Clifford, who has a two Michelin star restaurant Midsummer House, was addressing the value of going out for expensive meals and defended his own restaurant prices. He then implied there was a “big difference” between coming to a two-star restaurant and paying out to eat at Nusr-Et Steakhouse London.

Talking about “the geezer who does the salt,” he said: “Do you want a [£630] steak cooked by Mickey Mouse or do you want to come to a two-star restaurant where you’ve got 15 chefs that care about everything that they do?

“There’s a big difference, isn’t there?”

Salt Bae has been causing quite an uproar on the internet recently, but it's not because of any video that features his steamy tableside seasoning — it's because of an eyebrow-raising bill that came out of his London restaurant, Nusr-Et.

The Nurse-Et steakhouse's presence stretches from Miami to Mykonos (via the Nusr-Et website). Presumably, because the restaurant has locations across the world with different currencies, the menu available on the main website doesn't feature any prices.

Of course, one might also suspect that the lack of pricing online prevents guests from getting shocked before even entering the premises of a Nusr-Et steakhouse. Perhaps that's how some customers who visited the London location found themselves being asked to pay a steep price.

After a group of four dined at Nusr-Et, they received their bill and apparently couldn't believe their eyes. All their food and drinks for the evening, plus the 15% service charge, added up to £37,023.10, which is $50,895.29 USD. That's right — over $50,000 for one night on the town (via Manchester Evening News).