Diver finds 900-year-old crusader sword on seabed off the Carmel coast

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The sword’s discovery suggests that the natural anchorage where it was fornd was also used by ships in the Crusader period.​

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Crusader period.​

Shlomi Katzin was scuba diving last Saturday off the HaCarmel coast when he discovered ancient artifacts uncovered by the ocean waves and undercurrents. He found ancient stone and metal anchors, pottery fragments, and an impressive meter-long sword with a 30 cm hilt. Katzin took the sword ashore, reported the find to the Israel Antiquities Authority's Northern District Robbery Prevention Unit inspector.

According to Nir Distelfeld, Inspector for the Israel Antiquities Authority's Robbery Prevention Unit, "The iron sword has been preserved in perfect condition and is a beautiful and rare find. It evidently belonged to a Crusader knight. It is exciting to encounter such a personal object, taking you 900 years back in time to a different era, with knights, armor, and swords."

Kobi Sharvit, director of the Israel Antiquities Authority's Marine Archaeology Unit adds "The archaeological finds at the site show that it served as a small, temporary natural anchorage for ships seeking shelter. Identification of the various finds shows that the anchorage was used as early as the Late Bronze Age, 4,000 years ago. The recent discovery of the sword suggests that the natural cove was also used in the Crusader period, some 900 years ago."

This week, Shlomi Katzin received a certificate of appreciation for his good citizenship. Israel Antiquities Authority's general director, Eli Escosido, praised Shlomi for coming forward with the discovery. "Every ancient artifact that is found helps us piece together the historical puzzle of the Land of Israel. Once the sword has been cleaned and researched in the Israel Antiquities Authority's laboratories, we will ensure it is displayed to the public."