Efi Kakaranzoula's prison inmate: The vitriol attacker is manipulative, cold and unrepentent

Efi Kakaranzoula

Imprisoned 37-year-old Efi Kakaranzoula, responsible for a horrific vitriol attack against Ioanna Paliospirou, was described by her inmate as  arrogant, manipulative, cold and without any awareness of her action.

In an interview, the detainee stated that from the first moment Efi arrived in prison she showed an arrogance and a behaviour of a person who had not realised why she was there or her actions.

As is already known, the other detainees simply called her "the vitriol" and Efi has the arrogance of "I have done what no one else did."

At the same time, although the detainees had watched the vitriol case and agreed to keep a distant attitude towards the 37-year-old, she managed to get enough of Efi's manipulative manner.

In fact, the accused was not isolated and closed to herself, but was social.

From the first moment she entered the prison, she showed anxiety about her image and took care of her hair and nails together with other prisoners.

The woman described the perpetrator of the attack as a person who has not shown any sign of remorse, and rather, on the contrary, she is sure that she will soon be released from prison.

"Our first contact was not the best. At least from my point of view, because I had someone in front of me who had committed something very bad and I could not justify it in any way," said Efi's inmate.

"Whatever someone told me, it did not make sense to me," she added.

Mentioning how manipulative Efi is, the woman noted that she could have taken matters into her own hands, even when the whole situation is to her detriment.

"When I looked at her, I saw a cold person, without any emotion, without any sensitivity," the inmate said.

"Even her smile was icy. It cut you from top to bottom.

"A cold person who could go to the other extreme and continues to have this behavior."

Finally, it is shocking that even when the other detainees asked her why she attacked with the vitriol, the 37-year-old did not give a clear answer, just as she did in court.

"Well, my eyes turned, my head turned and I did it! That's done," Efi reportedly said when asked.

The trial for the attack continues on Thursday.

Ioanna was viciously attacked with vitriol by Efi on in May 2020.

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