New challenges from Turkey: Military exercises in the "Blue Homeland" aimed at Greece

Turkey Turkish Navy ship

With two major military exercises in the so-called "Blue Homeland", Turkey is obviously irritated to the alliances that Greece has been developing lately and culminated with the recent signing of defence agreements with France and renewal with the US.

According to Turkish publications, this is the "Nusret 2021" mine warfare exercise in the North Aegean.

Forces from Azerbaijan, Pakistan, Qatar, Libya, Bangladesh and Ukraine, as well as NATO countries such as Romania and Belgium, are taking part in the mine warfare exercise off the Dardanelles.

For the "Mediterranean 2021 exercises," special forces from Azerbaijan and Pakistan will also take part.

Turkish pro-government media presents the exercises as a response by Turkey to the "field" with "the Turkish military once again exposing its power at sea."

The TGRT network provocatively claims - with the background of epic music - that Turkey will carry out two major exercises in the "Blue Homeland."

They say this a "response to Greece's harassment in the Eastern Mediterranean, in the arms race with other countries," noting: "Greece, which signed defense agreements with France and the USA, continues to escalate the tension in the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean."

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