October 20, 1912 – Greek Army liberates Giannitsa from Ottoman forces

Battle of Yenidje Battle of Giannitsa Greek Army

During the First Balkan War and following an intense struggle at the Battle of Giannitsa, the Greek Army broke through and shattered the Turkish defences, inflicting heavy losses.

In doing so, the Greek Army liberated and reclaimed the important town of Giannitsa in Macedonia.

It was one of the bloodiest battles of the First Balkan War, the sacrifices made here by the Greek Soldiers, opened the road towards the ultimate prize, the Capital of Macedonia, Thessaloniki.

Through the course of the battle, 188 Greeks were killed and another 785 wounded. Over 250 Turks were killed, over 1,000 wounded and 200 captured

Thessaloniki would be liberated within the next seven days.

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