COVID-19: Approximately 8,400 deaths were prevented in Greece with vaccines

covid-19 vaccine priest Greek

Through vaccinations, Greece has prevented approximately 8,400 deaths and 5,560 admissions to ICUs, according to a report on the vaccination effort in the country presented on Wednesday by Professor Sotiris Tsiodras.

He emphasised that the Covid-19 vaccines are very effective with respect to serious disease for all ages:

"They not only reduce the danger for older people but also for the young," Tsiodras said.

The danger of death from COVID-19 drops by 91 percent for fully vaccinated people of all ages, he added.

Referring to the Delta variant, Tsiodras said that before the appearance of the Delta variant, vaccine effectiveness ranged between 92 and 98 percent, while after Delta this dropped to between 71 and 96 percent, meaning that the vaccines remained effective in the post-Delta period.

According to Professor Tsiodras, effectiveness also remained high in terms of those requiring treatment in an ICU in the post Delta period, ranging from 91 to 98 percent.

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