Denier who had signed not to be intubated died of COVID-19 in Serres

Christos Karamanis COVID-19

The death of 45-year-old of a music high school teacher in Serres, Christos Karamanis, was confirmed by Doctor Theofilos Kallinikidis at the Serres hospital and attributed to COVID-19.

“We did everything we could to save him but unfortunately he did not succeed,” said  Kallinikidis, who revealed that the 44-year-old music teacher had signed, along with his wife, not to be intubated.

Unfortunately, he died after complications caused by the COVID-19 in his body.

He fought hard for the last 24 hours in the ICU of the hospital, struggling to survive.

According to Proto Thema, the unfortunate 44-year-old leaves behind his wife and three children.

As evidenced by his posts on his Facebook page, he was a stern denier who did not even believe in the existence of the virus.


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