STEFANOS TSITSIPAS: Jokes aside, the next James Bond should be Greek!

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As suggestions and speculation swirls about who the next James Bond should be after the departure of Daniel Craig, Greek tennis star Stefanos Tsitsipas decided to troll the internet and tweeted that the next James Bond should be Greek.

"Guys, jokes aside, the next James Bond should be Greek," he tweeted.

Before you knew it, the twitter-verse came alive with all manner of responses to the Tsitsipas tweet, from the complimentary to the sarcastic.

Even the ATP and WTA joined in the fun, with the women's international body sharing a photo of Greece's No. 1 WTA player, Maria Sakkari as a possible nominee for the role!

Most fans were complimentary with some even suggesting Tsitsipas would make a handsome Bond:
@steftsitsipas Oh yea and Stef was just thinking with them luscious locks and the biggest smile I have ever seen you could also play the role of the Joker too, I’m sure Joaquin Phoenix wouldn’t mind 😁😍@steftsitsipas