Vitriol attack: Prosecutor recommends attempted murder charge for Efi Kakarantzoula

Efi Kakarantzoula prosecutor

Prosecutor Mastrantonakis has recommended that Efi Kakarantzoula be found guilty of attempted murder for the horrific vitriol attack against Ioanna Paliospirou.

The prosecutor said: "The allegation of grievous bodily harm is rejected. It is concluded that she definitely considered the death of the victim possible and approved it.

"I propose that she be found guilty of attempted murder with possible deceit and in a calm state of mind.

"She called for a fair trial and a second chance. She was given the opportunity to testify to the investigator, to apologise before us for an act she has committed and confessed.

"But he never gave Ioanna such an opportunity. She condemned her for life to go up to Golgotha ​​every day."

Earlier, prosecutor Mastrantonakis referred to the relevant legislation relating to the case.

He then presented to the court the background of the case, analysing the facts that emerged from the hearing process and the relevant case file.

Referring to the relationship between Ioanna and the accused, the prosecutor stated that they come from the same area without having relations with each other, having a common link in Athens, the victim's cousin.

Regarding the relationship of Efi Kakarantzoula with 40-year-old Nontas, Mastrantonakis stated that the accused had a free relationship with him and when he asked for friendship with Ioanna, the latter "with dignity and respect tried to help her, to advise her."

In addition, the prosecutor stressed that Ioanna had sent the 36-year-old a photo with her conversation with Nondas in order to reassure her.

However, according to the prosecutor, the accused, who had never stopped worrying, was sending messages to the unfortunate girl, asking her "what about this man?"

Ioanna answered politely, the prosecutor stressed and continued: "However, Nontas did not give up the effort and sent a message to Ioanna again."

Mastrantonakis gave more facts about the case, and then gave his proposal on the guilt of the accused and the legal characterisation of her actions.

Ioanna suffered severe burn injuries, mainly on her face, when the attacker lurked her and threw a bottle of caustic vitriol at her in Kallithea, a suburb of southern Athens, in early 2020.

Ioanna Paliospirou
Ioanna Paliospirou.

So far, Ioanna has undergone nine surgeries, and suffers from indescribable physical and psychological pain.

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