Athens’ response to Ankara: Turkey accuses us of what they do

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How diplomatic sources commented on Turkey’s threats against Greece and Cyprus.

“It is at least an oxymoron that a country, which threatens Greece with war if our country exercises its legal rights, violates almost daily the sovereignty and our sovereign rights, as well as the Republic of Cyprus, and launches unacceptable provocative statements and threats, at the same time accuses us of destabilising the Eastern Mediterranean,” emphasised diplomatic sources in Athens in relation to yesterday’s announcement by the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs .

“Our country will continue to act exclusively with the protection of our national interests and the promotion of security and stability in the wider region, having as a compass the respect of international law and especially the international law of the sea,” the sources continued.

“We reject in their entirety the baseless Turkish accusations,” the same sources concluded.

At the European Council Summit in Brussels, where the 27 EU leaders are discussing the energy crisis, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis will raise the issue of Turkish provocation in the Aegean Sea and the Eastern Mediterranean, as well as the non-compliance by Ankara with the EU Joint Declaration as Turkey on the occasion of the debate on immigration that will be at the top of the European agenda.

The Greek reaction comes a few hours after the direct threat, against Greece and Cyprus, by a representative of the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Yesterday, Ankara threatened to intervene, in order to prevent any attempt by Nicosia for drilling within its own Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of Cyprus.

Plot 1 of the Cyprus EEZ is the research ship Nautical Geo, which will carry out dredging research for the Republic of Cyprus.

With its announcement, the Turkish Foreign Minister threatens Cyprus with Turkish intervention in any action for drilling, but at the same time accuses Greece and Cyprus of provocative actions.

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