Efi Kakaranzoula's cousin: "She has no regrets for the vitriol attack"

Efi Kakaranzoula Ioanna Paliospirou

"She may not have regretted," said Efi Kakaranzoula's cousin, who plunged Ioanna Paliospirou's life into darkness after a devastating vitriol attack last year.

Earlier, the prosecutor proposed that the perpetrator be convicted with attempted murder and pointed out that she targeted her victim with "murderous selfishness."

"She was capable of everything. She went and threw the vitriol at the other girl. She was capable of everything. I can't psychologise her," Efi's cousin said to MEGA.

"She did not apologise and made a terrible impression on me and I think that she may not have regretted at all," the cousin added.

Regarding Efi's family, the cousin said: "What should her parents say? People are shocked. They are ashamed to leave their home. Her brother is depressed. He does not speak. He is in shock"

"In the beginning, she did not know what had happened because she was very vertical. Now she has begin to realise the punishment, the outcry of the people," concluded the cousin.

"The day that changed Ioanna's life"

On May 20, 2020, Efi viciously attacked Ioanna with vitriol, causing significant burns that resulted in several surgeries to save her life.

Ioanna Paliospirou

The trial was adjourned until October 26 .

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