Greek and Egyptian Air Force conduct joint training on Thursday (PHOTOS)

Egyptian greek air force

On October 21, 2021, Operational Training was held under the name "GRC EGY EX07", with the participation of the air forces of Greece and Egypt, southwest of Crete.

The training took place in the framework of the Military Cooperation Program (PSC) of the two countries, which was signed between the General Staff of National Defence (GEETHA) and the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Egypt in April 2021.

Greece participated with eight F-16 aircraft and one Airborne Early Warning and Control System aircraft.

Egypt participated with four MIG-29, two F-16 and one E-2C aircraft.

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The training was to provide high quality aviation training to the participating crews, in a high threat environment, with the integration and operational utilization of 4th generation aircraft, as well as their familiarisation and coordination in air battle.

The "GRC EGY EX07" was conducted in two (2) phases, between which the aircraft of both countries landed for re-service in the 115th Combat Wing, at Souda Air Base. Throughout the exercise, the Egyptian E-2C operated inside the Cairo FIR.

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This joint training was carried out in the framework of the international collaborations of the Greek Armed Forces in accordance with the general planning of GEETHA, and contributed to the promotion of the level of operational readiness, combat capability and cooperation of the participants in a bilateral context.

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