Greek Police Say 7 Officers Injured in Chasing Car Thieves in Athens, One Offender Dead


ATHENS Car thieves rammed five police motorcycles and injured seven police officers during a chase in Athens, with one assailant killed in the process.

The incident occurred late on Friday in southern Athens. Police officers decided to inspect a vehicle with a broken window and three people inside.

However, the car took off immediately and the police began a hot pursuit.

“Trying to hide, the criminals rammed five police motorcycles, injured seven police officers. The police used guns to stop the car, which resulted in deadly injuries of the driver, and one of the passengers has been hospitalized and is now getting treatment; his life is now not in danger.

Afterwards a Police statement said officers from the DIAS motorcycle-riding unit signaled the driver of a car which they suspected was stolen to stop for a check, but the driver sped off.

A car chase ensued which ended at Elpidos Street in Perama when the driver blocked by bus coming from the opposite direction moved backwards thus “ramming five police motorcycles chasing him and injuring seven officers,” the Police statement said.

“Police used a weapon to stop the vehicle, resulting in the fatal injury of the driver and the injury of one of the passengers, who was taken to hospital and is being treated out of danger,” the statement added..

The officers killed the 20-year-old driver and injuring a 16-year-old passenger, while a third man inside the vehicle managed to escape and is wanted by police.