OTD Theodoros Grivas (1797 - October 24, 1862)

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Theodoros Grivas (1797 - October 24, 1862)

From Preveza in Epirus, he was a prominent Fighter & Leader during the Greek Revolution of 1821.

An Armatolo before the Revolution, at its outbreak, he formed and led his own military corps, which was active throughout Central Greece and the Peloponnese, participating in numerous battles.

In the 1850’s he participated in liberation movements in Epirus, Thessaly & Macedonia.

A fiery character, Grivas frequently clashed with authorities except for Kapodistrias which he seemed to respect. Following his death, Grivas was shunned for any leadership positions by the Bavarian Otto.

In order to win his favour, Grivas helped suppress a rebellion in Acarnania against the Bavarian Otto’s rule. He also clashed with several nefarious Prime Ministers of the 1840’s, such as Kolettis, Voulgaris and Mavrokordatos.

Even by 1862 and only days before his death, he was planning an uprising from Agrinio to oust Otto from power with a force of 500 men. Before he could carry out his plan, he was informed of a revolt in Athens, where Otto was deposed and then exiled.

On the day before his death, Theodoros Grivas was elevated to the rank of General. At the time he was already unwell, to this day it is strongly suggested and believed that he was poisoned by the English, because of his strong dislike of the Monarchy and his agenda to overthrow it.

Theodoros Grivas was a complex character and figure of the Greek Revolution and the years following, but a Greece free of Turkish rule would never have been possible, without Greeks like him.