BREAKING: KINAL leader Fofi Gennimata dies at 56

Fofi Gennimata KINAL

Movement for Change (KINAL) leader Fofi Gennimata died on Monday after a long battle with cancer.

Gennimata passed away at the age of 56 at noon after a battle with cancer at Evangelismos Hospital where she was treated.

She was rushed to hospital on October 12 as her underlying disease recurred.

The news that she was rushed to the hospital caused a wave of support from the country’s political world.

The new diagnosis made during her hospitalisation in Evangelismos, left almost no room for doctors for treatment, as the cancer was located in the abdomen.

The KINAL leader entered the political arena with a very heavy name on her back, that of Georgios Gennimatas, who was a leading member of PASOK in the 1980s.

Her father died of cancer in April 1995, just seven months after the death of his wife and mother, Kakia Vergou.

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