Conference: “Magna Graecia and Greco-Byzantine Calabria 200 years after Greece's struggle for freedom”

magna graecia calabria conference

On the occasion of the bicentenary of Greece's struggle to conquer its independence, the Bova Life Association, with the Greek Embassy in Rome and world-renowned Professor Louis Godart, hosted an International Conference entitled “Magna Graecia and Greco-Byzantine Calabria two hundred years after the beginning of Greece's struggle for its freedom”.

Watch the Program from the last day of the Conference below in Italian with English subtitles.


Luca Micheletta - Bova Life Association
Santo Casile - Mayor of Bova
Louis Godart - National Academy of the Lincei
Theodore Μ. Passas - Ambassador of Greece to Italy
Danilo Brancati - President of the Ellenophone Association Jalò tu Vua


Pasquale Amato - University for foreigners of Reggio Calabria
Carmine Lupia - President of the Basilian Way Association
Francesco Cuteri - Academy of Fine Arts of Catanzaro


Giorgio Neri - Journalist of Ansa

Watch Here:

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