28 OCTOBER: A Message from the Greek Government to Greeks Around The World


On occasion of the National Anniversary of October 28, 1940, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr Andreas Katsaniotis, sent a message on behalf of the Greek government to the Greek diaspora.


ΥΦΥΠΕΞ ΑΝΔΡΕΑΣ ΚΑΤΣΑΝΙΩΤΗΣ 1 scaledThe Full Message (Translated from the Greek):

"Dear Compatriots,

"The anniversary of October 28, 1940 is a day of remembrance and honour for Hellenism everywhere. Today we honour the bravery and solidarity with which our ancestors stood up against the threats of the would-be invader. They shouted "NO" to fascism and Nazism. This proud "NO" sums up the belief of us Greeks in the universal values ​​of freedom, justice and devotion to our national ideals.

"The refusal of Greece, in the early hours of October 28, to surrender to the Axis Powers, very quickly turned into an enthusiastic cry from the populace who immediately took arms to defend the sacred ground of the Homeland.

"This brave and defiant response by Greece inspired awe in many countries - our friends and enemies - and proved to be synonymous with heroism. It was a shining example of unity of a people who did not bow their heads before the superiority of the enemy. Instead, the Greek people gained strength from the challenge and threw themselves into  battle, proving that no numerical or military superiority compares to the strength of a people with a great heart and soul.

"To all Greek women and men all over the world,

"The celebration of this year's 40th  anniversary of "OHI DAY" coincides with the celebrations of the 200th anniversary of the beginning of the Greek War of Independence. The great and significant conjuncture of these two great events offers itself for a national historical review and uplifting of the patriotic spirit. The sacrifices of our ancestors inspire and guide us to this day.

"The belief in the ideals of freedom and human dignity, the sense of responsibility for the defence of the Homeland, the vigor that overcomes fear and fuels hope. All these are our guide and illuminate the path that we are called to follow, all together, as a Nation and inspire us to progress, with a view to the next generations of Greeks.

"I call on you to walk this path, together as one, with the only concern in mind,  the achievement of our national goals but also a brighter future for our children.

"Long live October 28th! "
Ζήτω η 28η Οκτωβρίου!



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