PM Mitsotakis on Ochi Day: We honor those who fought against fascism & Greece's occupation

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The national holiday of October 28 "commemorates those who fought against fascism and occupiers," Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said on Thursday, following the student parade he observed at Pale'o Faliro, a coastal suburb of Athens.

This year's anniversary of Ochi Day (1940) coincides with Greece's bicentennial since the start of the War for Independence (1821), he noted, and "today we have the right to look at the future with greater self-confidence and more optimism."

Mitsotakis added that "Greece today is stronger. It's geopolitially stronger, with updated Armed Forces, international alliances, and it is a country that extends a hand in friendship to all, yet is determined to defend its sovereignty and sovereign rights. Greece is financially stronger today, with growth for all, investments that create new jobs, and reduced taxes that improve all Greeks' available income."

He expressed the wish that "we may all go into this future with the unity the times require, and be always able to distinguish the useful Yes' from the necessary No's," and added his good wishes to all.

October 28 – ‘OXI Day’