SYRIZA platforms Pakistani community leader accused of human smuggling

SYRIZA Javeid Aslam Arian

Opposition party SYRIZA has given a platform to the Pakistani community leader of Greece, the same community leader that advises illegal immigrants how to avoid police and what to say to try and avoid deportation if they are caught.

Javed Aslam Arian, President of Pakistan Community of Greece Unity, had earlier been hobnobbing with KEERFA (United Movement Against Racism and the Fascist Threat, Greece) and smaller Greek leftist oriented groups.

File:Javied Aslam Arain.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
Javed Aslam Arian and the Pakistani community protesting with KEERFA.

However, SYRIZA have now given Javed his largest platform by allowing him to address party members, giving him a potential reach of hundreds of thousands of Greeks.

Although being granted asylum when SYRIZA were in power, his status was updated by the current New Democracy government.

This is despite the fact that he describes Greek as being racist, and even more concerningly, being wanted by INTERPOL for a 2005 case involving human smuggling.

He also advises illegal immigrants how to avoid arrest and deportation, and especially on how to manipulate human rights clause to get asylum.

It is recalled that on October 9, Javed manipulated the Pakistani community into hijacking a leftist rally, warning his compatriots that if they do not join the rally, then the Greek government would deport more than 100 Pakistanis everyday.

He was using the anti-fascist rally on October 9 as the occasion to gather illegal Pakistanis against Greek government by instigating the fear of deportations and to garner more support for SYRIZA.

Under the SYRIZA administration (September 2015 – July 2019), hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants were allowed to pour into Greece, a large portion of them Afghanis and Pakistanis posing as Syrian refugees.

Although the current New Democracy government has made progress in dealing with the economic, societal and and criminal fall out of SYRIZA's open door policy, it still enables the symptoms of its predecessors policies by not only allowing Javed to instruct illegal immigrants on how to avoid authorities, but also by ignoring INTERPOL's arrest warrant.

With the 2023 elections looming, it can be expected that SYRIZA will continue allowing platforms for those that accuse Greeks of racism and give instructions that bypass Greek laws.

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