Incredible statements by the Metropolitan of Kozani: "Women to keep their mouths shut"

metropolitan pavlos kozani

A sermon by the Metropolitan of Servia and Kozani, Pavlos, made an impression after making a sexist comment at the Holy Church of Agios Nikolaos.

Among other things, the metropolitan attacked those who use the term "femicide", stating that "we Greeks made a new term for women, so that they can play it and they believe it".

"Murder says… Where to be heard in the legal criminal world around the universe and to laugh or rather giggle… Woman, are you not human? We know homicide. Since you are not human, what are you?" said Metropolitan Pavlos.

At the same time, the metropolitan of Kozani told a story told to him by a graduate student, who visits him often. He said, then, that the 60 year old mother left his father because of the infidelity and decided to study in a school.

However, the metropolitan had his own view of the whole story:

"My mother, father, got up and left my house, because my father made infidelity. And where is she going, I asked him, a 60-year-old woman," he said.

He also noted that "women say that, most respectfully, our men often humiliate us. It is up to you to transmit, to transfuse who you are!"

"Our mothers used to say, listen to me, my children, we women do what we want, as long as at some point we keep our mouths shut and then what we want will happen. The woman has power, because she has feelings that the man does not have," the metropolitan continued.

Finally, he referred to the large percentage of divorces in Greece, while he pointed out that "I am neither a racist nor a nationalist."

Watch the video after 2:47:30:

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