Albanian passport holders arrested for photographing Greek military camp

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A strange case has been keeping Greek authorities busy since October 28 as two Albanians were caught photographing Greek military camps.

According to New Post, at 19:15 on October 28, a 19-year-old and a 18-year-old entered, according to the authorities, the "Artillery Major Stefanakis Ioannis" military facility in Egaleo.

With their mobile phones, they were photographing and videotaping the military camp and its equipment.

The two youths were identified by a lieutenant and were arrested.

They were then brought before prosecutors on charges of spying.

"Immediately when I went out I saw the two unknown people, I asked them immediately who they were and what they wanted at the spot where I found them," said the lieutenant, adding that "they replied that they were lost."

The lieutenant led them to the Central Gate, informing the Commander of the Artillery facility, the Squadron Supervisor and the Police.

A search of their mobile phones revealed that they had two photos of the camp and a short video showing camp equipment.

One of the two defendants told police that they were missing and that the camp was considered an abandoned area and that they only took pictures as they walked

The two young men have Albanian passports.

Police have been informed about the case and they will be tried on Wednesday.

Defence attorneys of the two accused, Mariolis Panagiotis and Nakou Theano, underlined: "A random walk in a place where there is no fencing or military space marking resulted in the arrest of two young people and brought them face to face with a serious indictment."

"We await their release as the critical facts of the day of their arrest emerge," they added.

Their absolute cooperation with the authorities contributed to their non-involvement by demonstrating their positive behavior, which is explicitly far from disturbing the order, much less the danger of the integrity of our country.

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