Georgios Dikonimos (1887 – 1939)

Georgios Dikonimos (1887 - 1939) 1

Georgios Dikonimos (1887 – 1939)

From Chania in Crete, he was a Greek Soldier and Revolutionary who fought in the Macedonian Struggle (1904-08) and the Balkan Wars (1912-13).

At age 16 in 1903, he was first recruited to join the Cretan led force of Georgios Tsontos in Western Macedonia to meet the challenge of the Bulgarians in the region.

It was there in 1903, that the Bulgarians began attacking Greek civilians and institutions, during their failed attempt at a revolt, which was swiftly put down.

Dikonimos returned in 1904 at the outbreak of the Macedonian Struggle, participating in numerous battles against the Bulgarians and the Turks, making it through the entire 4-year struggle.

He continued on during the Balkan Wars, once again putting his life on the line so that Macedonia would finally be once again free and reunited with the rest of Greece, which would be achieved in 1913.

He died in Athens in 1939.