Zaev: "Macedonian" language and identity was never recognised before me


Newly resigned Prime Minister of North Macedonia, Zoran Zaev, responding to the opposition accusations of "betrayal" during his term as Prime Minister, said that he is "the greatest patriot" who has achieved things that were previously denied.

Zaev's statements were made on Friday, before his resignation on Sunday night, in response to the accusations of the opposition against him.

"Because of the Prespa Agreement, the Agreement with Bulgaria and because we have fully fulfilled the Ohrid Framework, they are trying to present me as a traitor," he said.

"However, I consider myself the greatest patriot, because the Macedonian language and Macedonian identity were never recognised before and were established internationally," he said.

Zaev reminded that before 2017, the country's name was the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), but that the Prespa Agreement with Greece referred to a "Macedonian" people and language.

Against this, he believes that there are political opponents who are against all three agreements, although these agreements, as he said, have established the country internationally.

The possible return of the ultra-nationalist and historical revisionist VMRO-DPMNE to power, "will violate the Constitution, if it does not use the new constitutional name and in the beginning will provoke at least one country, and that is Greece," he said.

"We have started a multi-billion euro partnership and the risk is huge," Zaev said.

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