The Zion FCV will be the first Greek Hydrogen Supercar

Zion Greek Hydrogen Supercar

Will Zion the first Greek powered Hydrogen super car ?

SP Automotive (formerly Spyros Panopoulos) introduced Chaos, the $14 Million dollar Supercar which aims to become the world’s fastest production car.

Like Chaos, Zion also comes with an impressive list of specs but no pre-order availability just yet as of the time of press. Indeed, Chaos can be pre-ordered, even though it exists in renders only.

Spyros Panopoulos Automotive presented the plans  with the first digitally created images of the future Zion, a five-seater super sports car that runs on hydrogen.

Zion Greek Hydrogen SupercarThe chaos can only be powered by an internal combustion engine (gasoline) with the V10 unit of 2,049 or 3,065 hp, but this does not mean that the young Greek company SP Automotive is losing pace in relation to the international trend in the global automotive industry towards Green electricity and hydrogen propulsion.

Together with Chaos, the company of the mechanical engineering company Spyros Panopoulos presented its plans for the ZION FCV.

Zion Greek Car
The Zion super sports car, a five-seater whose futuristic body is powered by hydrogen.
sp zion 06
The company announced that it has “succeeded in building durable hydrogen cells that perform excellently based on the reconstruction method”.
In simple terms, this method refers to the “ability of a component to change shape due to the forces exerted on it”.

This fuel cell circuit is produced by 3D printing, which makes sense given the complexity of the design and the engine. The same philosophy applies to other components like brake callipers and its 22-inch wheels.

The platform on which Zion will be based will be the same as Chaos’ since they are both the same length – 5.03 meters.

The performance of the Zion FCV (Fuel Cell Vehicle) is between 680 and 1,750 hp, depending on the setting the engine has been fine-tuned too.

Consequently, despite the high weight of 2,150 kg, the acceleration from 0-100 km / h is recorded in 1.8 to 3.5 seconds, and the top speed will reach 250-350 km/h.

By filling the hydrogen canisters, the Zion will offer a range of between 780 and 1,350 kilometres, while it's interior like the Chaos is based on augmented reality technologies.

Zion is currently a project underway, so if you cant afford the Chaos maybe the 5 seater family-friendly Zion is more suited to your budget.