Priest in Lesvos performs Divine Liturgy despite having COVID-19

Divine Liturgy Holy Communion

A priest in Lesvos, who was ill with COVID-19, performed the Divine Liturgy normally on the day of the feast of Agios Dimitrios in the homonymous church of his parish.

In fact, according to ERT, the priest not only performed the Divine Liturgy, but also communicated with the faithful present.

It is now being investigated whether he knew he had fallen ill, since a few days later many cases appeared in his parish.

His close relatives , who are also ill, helped him perform the Divine Liturgy.

In this light, it is no coincidence that today the Metropolitan of Mytilene Iakovos gave a week deadline to the priests of the island to be vaccinated or otherwise they will be put on a mandatory holiday without pay.

This informal ultimatum excludes all priests who produce a medical document that explicitly states that they cannot be vaccinated.

Out of a total of 83 clergymen belonging to the Diocese of Mytilene, 35 have not been vaccinated.

In fact, some of them urge the faithful not to wear masks and to not to enter churches with them.

Metropolitan Dodonis Chrysostomos argued that "those who foolishly proclaim stupid declarations" should be forced to get the vaccine.

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