Bill Papas appears at Xanthi FC game in Greece despite arrest warrant

Bill Papas At Xanthi Game

Forum founder Bill Papas has appeared at his football team’s game on the weekend notwithstanding the threat of a warrant that has been issued for his extradition from Greece as reported by The Australian

Photos posted online showed Mr Papas appeared at Xanthi FC’s game against Pierikos on Sunday in Katerini, a town an hour’s drive from Thessaloniki.

Mr Papas, who was believed to have briefly departed Greece, appeared relaxed, sitting with Anastasios Giamouridis, Xanthi FC’s CEO, who Westpac alleges received $10.7m in payments that he was not entitled to.

The game ended in a 1:1 draw after Pierikos equalised with a goal in the 80th minute of the game, snatching victory from Mr Papas’ team.


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