Many Greeks returned from abroad to work at Pfizer's Thessaloniki research centre


The Pfizer Center for Digital Innovation in Thessaloniki plans for the future include working on digital innovations that deliver vaccines and medicine to patients faster and support doctors in managing illnesses, Nico Gariboldi, senior directof of Pfizer and site lead of the center said at the 6th Thessaloniki Summit on Friday.

"We are working in the vaccines and pharmaceuticals sector, but it is important to offer patients and doctors digital solutions for better management of diseases, such as for example an application through which a patient may be able to connect with their doctor and with members of their family," Gariboldi noted.

Digitising processes will improve every stage of medication, from the collection of data to the clinical trials at a distance.

The company's plan also includes supporting the funding of drug creation, he added.

Speaking of the Digital Innovation Center in Thessaloniki that was inaugurated recently, he said the company decided to locate it in the northern city because of the very high academic and skills levels of people in digital and technological sectors there, tax incentives, and the agreement between Greece and the United States on science and technology.

Pfizer's Center in Thessaloniki employs 335 who were hired within 15-16 months during the pandemic.

70% hold graduate degrees, while most are highly experienced in skills the company is interested in, Gariboldi revealed.

A great percentage of them are Greeks who returned to their country from abroad, he added.

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