24-year-old Finnish woman: "I was drugged and raped in an apartment in Omonia"

Greek sailing coach charged with alleged rape of minor dutch Finnish woman

A 24-year-old Finnish woman described to police the nightmarish moments she experienced from two men who drugged and then raped her for several hours.

According to Proto Thema, the Finnish woman met five days ago with a man she knew and got into his car.

The two of them went to a 4th floor apartment on Kritis Street in Omonia.

However, in the apartment was another person, who appeared as a friend of the first man.

After a while the three of them started drinking alcohol.

According to what the unfortunate Finnish woman said, the second defendant gave her a drink, from which she lost consciousness and then she was attacked and raped.

She woke up after several hours and began to realise what had happened.

The Finn then told them that she wanted to leave the house, which she did at five in the morning.

Despite the fact that she initially went to the airport to travel to her country, she changed her mind and returned to the centre of Athens looking for one of the two perpetrators.

When the unfortunate woman did not find him, she appeared to the experienced police officers of the Omonia department and described to them exactly what had happened, giving the details of the two accused.

Police officers immediately went to the apartment on Kritis Street where they located the two men and handcuffed them after the victim recognised them.

The 24-year-old Finnish woman, who is going to be examined by a doctor, told the police that she does not remember if she was raped by the second man who gave her the drink from which she lost consciousness.

Both men, aged 31 and 34, now face charges of conspiracy to commit rape.

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