Expendables 4: Three injured during filming in Thessaloniki, one in serious condition

Expendables 4

Three people were injured during the shooting of "Expendables 4" in Thessaloniki.

This comes at a time when memories are still fresh from the accident in Alec Baldwin's film.

They are two coaches and a stuntman of Jason Statham.

The first injury occurred in Vassilika, according to MEGA, when the film's technician fell from the boat where the shooting took place and was seriously injured.

His condition is critical and the production called his family to the city, as the man struggles to stay alive.

The second injury took place in Diavata, where scenes of the film were being shot with oil in the background. There, the stuntman injured a cameraman with a vehicle, when he reversed and dragged him.

Another stuntman was injured while jumping from car to car.

Despite the injuries, the shooting of "Expendables 4" continues normally.

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