Spyros tames his critics shows a glimpse of 3,000 HP Chaos Ultra

'Chaos', a 3,000-HP Greek hypercar

Last week the world was introduced to what promises to be, on paper at least, the most powerful, expensive, and impressive hyper car ever. It’s so special that it’s not even a hyper car with a name to match: Click here to find out more about Chaos.

Media and people alike called the car Vaporware a term used in IT explained.

Software or hardware that has been advertised but is not yet available to buy.

Automotive Media reported it with headlines like this

Chaos Supercar

Panopoulos posted a teaser video of the Chaos on Instagram to try to shut the negative press down on a Instagram post late last week.

You can see it in video below,  it shows a covered silhouette, after a long look at the covered rear, with the brake lights on, Panapoulos moves to the front end and slowly lifts the cover to show the logo on the hood. You can also  hear a engine running but we are not sure its the actual car.

“In a short time the official presentation as we promised!,” Panapoulos writes. In other words, it won’t be long until we see a bit more than CGIs, so hold your hatin’ and your no-saying until then.

So now the wait begins.

Choas Greek supercar