80-year-old woman sentenced in Volos for beating her 90-year-old husband

elderly hands woman

An 80-year-old woman received a suspended two month prison sentence by the Autophorous Three-Member Misdemeanor Court of Volos.

She was accused of throwing a stone and hitting her 90-year-old husband in the face and hitting him during a family incident last Sunday morning in Almyros, Proto Thema reported.

The elderly couple appeared in court and the 90-year-old, who still had a bandage on his nose, testified as a prosecution witness and said that his wife injured him with a stone to the face and on the hand with a stick.

He tried to grab her by the hair, but the woman continued to hit him.

The 90-year-old also testified that while he was lying in bed, the woman grabbed him by the neck and told him "I will drown you." He said that he had never hit a woman in his life.

Their daughter testified as a defence witness.

She said that her father and mother are constantly arguing, even since she was a child.

The Court sentenced the 80-year-old to two months in prison with suspension and told the woman that they were lenient with her and asked her not to quarrel with her husband.

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